Celebrated the idea of India through Indira. #Indira100


On 19th November, 2017 a clarion call given defying those who support cow vigilantes in the name of ‘gau raksha’, to those who resemble the ideology of the murderes of Gauri lankesh and other journalists, to those hiding under the veil of development but spreading communal hatred. As on this day, 100 years of Indira Gandhi were celebrated by our comrades Sunita Chaudhry, Ayush Khandal, Harshit Nationalist and Ruchira Boss. The session was dedicated to a Woman who fought with courage against the communal forces, secessionists, terriorism and all those people who tried to break India.

Not because she was a Nehru or a Gandhi, Indira Priyadarshini impacted the national and international politics but because of her steely determination, she stood out among the leaders of the world. When the times magazine cover showed her as a woman in whose hand lies the troubled India. It only proved to be positive, as she took India out from famine to self sufficiency in food grains, she geographically changed the map of the world by creating Bangladesh, she made us capable of defending ourselves militarily through nucler programme in Pokhran, she brought the poor on the development agenda and also removing Khalistani movement from its root and as an environmentalist she carried out pro environment and sustainable projects throughout the country.

The aim of the session was to highlight Indira Gandhi’s courageous actions and to not just get stuck on the emergency issue like what most of the people do and remember about her. Not being submissive to the United States ever during her tenure as the Prime Minister is one of the greatest acts of her which none of the other leaders are able to do.

The overwhelming response given by the audience has encouraged us to do many more such sessions in the future. For me , a sense of duty prevailed and without a doubt in my mind I had to hold this session. Justice had to be done to this nationalist woman, the leader of my nation who sacrificed her life for her motherland. Knowing that her security was in danger and her own security guards who were sikhs , were asked to be removed by the intelligence agency but she refused to do so and she said “what kind of message I would give to my nation by removing them?”. Such was her secular ideals and nationalism. Which was true and pure in every sense.

Jai Hind



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