Indira the name is enough.

 If Indira Priyadarshini never had been a Nehru or a Gandhi, would she go on to become the prime minister of India for 15 years? Well the point of contention is not whose daughter she was, whose wife or mother she was. What is more important is, the ignored fact that she was one of the true nationalist leader that India ever produced post independence.

In an interview, given to Thames television, Britain. She admitted the wrongdoings that happened during the period of emergency. The pity is that after 42 years of emergency, still for many, Indira is emergency, Emergency is Indira. The fact remains that it was a constitutional provision that time too and 1975 emergency cannot be proclaimed in the same manner now. In the times of sensationalism, more of packaging and less of content real Indira is  somewhere lost. Politicians and Media who have  seen her as their opponent . Never gave her the dutiful respect she deserved tagging her to be the devil, the most controversial figure.

My heart sinks to the feeling that a woman who stood against all the odds led India at its most difficult times is not celebrated. Therefore, I appeal to the youth to read about her journey and know her beyond emergency. Not because she came from a privileged family but as a woman she reached the epitome of Indian politics, which is still a man’s world.
If some great heads of state like Abraham Lincoln was for America, Kemal Pasha was for Turkey, Lee Kyuan Yew was for Singapore, then Indira Gandhi was for India. We may not believe it today but if we go down in the history, one can understand India’s love for her beloved leader. She was not a dictator to her people like today many feel she was. She was a democrat, who survived in a political democracy with an aura and a charm which none could match.
I have written this because she was the prime minister of my nation and a sense of duty prevails. I believe that real leaders get lost due to party politics and its important to bring them back from the pages of history and to get inspired by their courage and determination. Indira was a woman with indomitable spirit and her story must be told not by her mistakes but by her character and fortitude on her 100th birth year. As its done in the case of her male counterparts.
In my words:-
She rose to the highest place,
but not a single scar of fear on her face.
As a woman, she stood her ground,
courageously against all those men who called her names.
She did what she preached, nothing to hide.
For the unity of her beloved India, She died.
Not religion but nation first was her policy.
Belief so deep, her love so eternal, she crossed the mountains as high as Himalayas for her people.
Even If nobody calls or look for her,
Its true and I have heard that our motherland tell her stories to the mountains, to the birds, to the trees,
to the sky that once upon a time there lived a fiery woman , a warrior and a leader – Indira, Indira, Indira.
Indira the name was a mark in itself,
she never needed a surname to sustain herself.

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