Donot love anything half.

This poem will feel majestic and meaningful. Awakening it is, one of the finest poem written by Khalil Gibran. Spending our lives in not knowing the best or living the best of the moment but only accommodating our existence is a waste of life. “Do not love half lovers Do not entertain half friends Do... Continue Reading →


Netaji and Nationalism

What is Nationalism in today's context? What it is to be a Nationalist or an Anti-Nationalist? Is singing Vande Mataram makes us more Nationalistic?, wearing Saffron makes us more Nationalist? or our eating habits defines us to be a Nationalist or Anti- Nationalist? If we want to know what Indian nationalism stands for or its... Continue Reading →

भारत के किसान का संघर्ष

  ये एक ऐसी महिला की कहानी है, जो मुझे पंजाब के मालवा बेल्ट के एक बहादुरपुर गाँव में मिली|पंजाब वैसे तो हरित क्रांति के लिए जाना जाता है, लेकिन पंजाब की एक हकीकत यह भी है कि वहाँ का किसान आज बेबस और लाचार है| बढ़ते कर्ज के कारण वे सिर्फ आत्महत्या का ही विकल्प... Continue Reading →

Indira the name is enough.

 If Indira Priyadarshini never had been a Nehru or a Gandhi, would she go on to become the prime minister of India for 15 years? Well the point of contention is not whose daughter she was, whose wife or mother she was. What is more important is, the ignored fact that she was one of... Continue Reading →

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